Oral hygiene for overall health

Proper oral hygiene not only prevents caries and periodontal disease, but also affects overall health and wellness.

At our dental office we will show you how to brush properly your teeth and the best techniques for maintaining good oral health. Also, we will advise you when to remove the dental plaque that is formed on your teeth from points that are difficult to be reached and cleaned.

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Oral Health Counseling


It includes full dental check-up and treatment plan

Examination and cleaning

It includes oral cleaning with the Swiss electronic machine MASTER PIEZON of EMS without pain and torturous irritations.

Denture Whitening

It includes correct and safe whitening of the denture with the professional German LED technology to minimize teeth wear.

Digital X-Ray of whole mouth

Minimally invasive technology


At our dental clinic you can pay by one of the following available payment methods:
1. In cash
2. Payment with Visa - Mastercard and Maestro via POS
3. Bank transfer (e-banking)


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